Monday, October 27, 2008

Reunion Day #2

Saturday was a great day, too. I spent most of the day resting/recuperating, then went to get my hair done. Rhonda gave me a really glamorous curly 'do. I didn't even get a picture of myself! Can you believe it? I really wanted a picture of me with that hair! Rhonda is an awesome hair stylist and a super super awesome friend! After getting my hair done, I went to the dinner at Rosita's restaurant. Matt didn't feel well so he stayed behind. It was a great buffet-style dinner with beef, chicken and shrimp. The best part was seeing everyone again and being able to chat in a (somewhat) quieter environment. When talking with everyone about our pictures I got the idea to set up a group photobucket account so we could all post our photos in one place. I need to get the list of everyone's email so I can send them a link. It is going to be great to see everyone's pictures. I ended up not going to the general Blythe Homecoming party at the fairgrounds because Matt still wasn't feeling well and, honestly, I was really tired.

You can go to our group photobucket and view all the photos. Give it a few days because it will take time for me to contact people and for them to get their photos posted. Hopefully people play along and post their pictures.

Until next time . . .

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