Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Tball

A couple more shots of Ryan playing baseball. I tried out some different settings on the camera with these. Well, actually, I was accidentally shooting with a high ISO but I like how the last 3 came out. Again, I love the shots of Ryan and Matt together. I didn't get those shots with Jeffery and I sure love them!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Little Slugger

Ryan had his very first baseball (T-ball) game on Saturday. He looked so adorable in his outfit. T-ball is hilarious because the majority of the kids have no idea what is going on. Ryan hit the ball off the tee twice and ran the bases. Every kid makes it home each time they bat. He liked it but about half way through the game he was asking to go home. They only play two innings but they are long innings because every kid gets to bat each inning. Matt was the first base coach during the second innning. I love the pictures of Matt and Ryan together.

Sea World

Matt took Ryan to Sea World for his birthday. Since Matt's birthday is March 2nd and Ryan's is March 3rd, Matt always takes Ryan on a little trip, just the two of them.

Matt signed them up for an attraction where they got to see a dolphin up close:

Of course, they had to go and see the Shamu show:

Ryan turns 5

Well my little man turned 5 on March 3rd. Just wanted to share some of the traditional "cake and presents" photos:

He's not quite ready to grow up yet . . . when we say he's a big boy he says, "No! I'm a medium boy!"