Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye, 2008

The end of this year has me thinking about so many things. I had a rough fall this year and will be glad to put that time behind me, but I made it through and, in the end, I know I am happier with the changes that have come my way. So many good times as well, as more birthdays passed, children grew older (Jeffery is 15!), and I grew older myself. Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the holidays of 2008 were so great and so much so because of Ryan, who with his young age brings the magic back into those days. I never thought I would have a child so young when I was this age, and he makes me feel simultaneously older and younger, which is strange yet delightful. Jeffery, too, has brought me so much joy. I have been able to watch him blossom into a young man, and he is such an honest and good person. I'm so proud of him. Matt and I reached 9 years of marriage in November, and a total of about 14 years together! We have survived some tough times and have shared so many special moments together. I am so proud to be his wife.

Ali Edwards, an artist and scrapbooker, encourages people to choose a word to represent and guide them through their new year. I am pondering my word, but I really like the idea of having a sort of theme for the year. Her word for 2009 is "nurture." I'm thinking about "energy" as I never have any and I want to start exercising.

Here are some year-in-review pictures. I'm kind of doing this out of order. Because I still have to post about Christmas, but oh well, I'm in the mood to do this right now.

Jeffery reading to Ryan.

Jeffery with cousin Christian.

Jeffery doing what he constantly does . . . skating

Ryan turned 4.

Jeffery turned 15!

My cousin Kathy with Ryan and her son Reed.

Matt carving the pumpkin.

My mom with my boys.

Jeffery helping Ryan put the star on our tree.

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