Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Comeback

Well, I was going through a kind of rough patch so I wasn't posting and was a very bad blogger!! I'm doing so much better now and feeling so happy. Plus I'm on vacation and I still have a week to go!!

So, to update . . .

I'll start with Thanksgiving. We camped, as usual, with Matt's sister Cindy and her family, and sister Melanie and her husband Les. Melanie's son Christian didn't show, much to the dismay of Jeffery, who in turn had no one to hang with.

We had the usual fare, but Les cooked one of the turkeys in an unusual way. He made "Trash Can Turkey." You put foil on the ground, the turkey on a stake in the ground over the foil, and a metal trash can over the turkey, top down. Then, spread coals around the bottom and on the top. I guess this somehow creates a vacuum, or convection-type effect, and cooks the turkey in about 2 hours! Here are the pics:

The turkey as it was cooking:

Taking the turkey out:

The turkey fell off the stake at some point, but it still turned out perfectly! Everyone raved about how good it was!!

OK, that's all for now, I will catch you up on December/Christmas soon.

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