Saturday, November 14, 2009

Letter for Santa

Ryan wrote his letter to Santa last night. I know, already.

I wrote out what he wanted to say then he copied it. His writing is big so it took up two sheets of paper and he insisted that they had to be glued together.

It says, "Dear Santa, I want Hungry Hungry Hippos and Sorry Sliders for 'Chstmas.' Thank you very much. Love, Ryan Smith. (Those are board games in case you didn't know.)

He put a stamp on it and Matt took him out to the mailbox today. We wanted to save the letter, so Matt had him place it in our mailbox instead of putting it in the actual mail slot. He didn't know the difference.

Matt took him to Bass Pro Shop today. They have a kind of winter wonderland thing going on. Kids get to make a reindeer ornament. Santa is supposed to be there so hopefully I will have a Santa picture to post later today.

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