Sunday, October 25, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

If I'm being honest, I'm really not the "active" mom that is taking her kids places all the time. That is more Matt's department. But I got brave and took Ryan to the pumpkin patch yesterday! It is in Yucaipa, which is about a 45 minute drive from here. It was a little hot, but Ryan had a BLAST. They have so much stuff there for the kids to do. Rides, bouncers, slides, petting zoo, etc. And I must admit, photo opportunities are at every turn. Where else can you get a photo of your child sitting on a hay bale next to a corn field (unless you live in Kansas or something)? I got a couple of shots I just LOVE.

First, a couple of shots of Ryan enjoying the rides:

Lots of pumpkins to choose from! You could also go out into the pumpkin patch and literally pick your own pumpkin. We just chose one from the many tables they had set up:

They had a couple of people in costumes roaming around. I was quite surprised that Ryan wanted his picture taken with one of them!

He was too scared of the other one, who was dressed up like a grim reaper.

He fed some of the animals in the petting zoo, mostly goats:

Here is the picture of him on the hay bale next to the corn field. Love it.

They had a corn maze that we went into but couldn't find our way through. We had to come back out the way we went in because we couldn't find the exit!

And finally, my favorite shot of the day. Ryan wanted to go on the pony ride and I got this picture that captured his joy! This was the biggest smile of the day.

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